The Norwegian terrorist

In these days we are confronted with the ideas of a young Norwegian who calls himself a militant nationalist who in court says that the terrible actions he has done were done for me. He says that he has killed 69 young people and through bombing several official buildings killing 8 others, that this has been done for me as a Norwegian, European and a white person. It is very provoking to read his answers in the court these days. It is shocking and sad and I know there are many who cannot bear to se or hear or read about him and all the damage he has done. The grief of parents and friends and relatives is too much to imagine. And being a small country of 5.mill – we are all in grief.

Is there anything we can do? This is an extreme situation, but my reactions and other people’s reactions are still similar as in many other difficult situations. We react with our mind, emotions and body. Our reactions occur in the energy system and in the chakras.
We try to understand and sometimes we just cannot find an understanding. We can find theories and we can discuss possible scenarios. It is very hard to understand that someone in cold blood, can stand in front of young people, some only14 year old, and shoot and kill in over an hour, over and over again.
He will be sent to jail, and society will take precautions in some ways. But we as individuals will have to find a new point of balance in our selves. How can we do that?

Shock and sorrow and confusion touch our energy system in places where we have unresolved material from our own lives. Deep fear that shakes our foundation can be felt in the Root-chakra. And old fears are ignited again. We can feel as if the ground is gone. The Solar Plexus-chakra usually reacts together with the diaphragm and the constricted breathing, with a feeling of being challenged as an identity. Most of us have unreleased sorrow in our Heart-chakra that gets stirred up and needs to be released. And these are only some of the reactions we can experience on the personal level as we read news and see the court case on TV.

The most important thing you can do in such a situation is to take action and actively put your self in situations where you feel safe, loved and cared for. You can also use meditation and energy work to strengthen your own personal aura. Activating the chakras with your breath and visualizing colors in the different chakras can really help in this situation. Activating the Root-chakra by opening a bright red flower in the lower part of your hip area, and connecting this flower with another red flower in the middle of the earth, can be one way to stimulate a deeper feeling of grounding.

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