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Inge Ås has lectured in Norway, Sweden, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa. She has lectured international groups in The Women's University in Norway with students from Bangladesh to USA – and politicians from all over the world. For the international Women's University in South Africa with participants from as different countries as Papa New Ginny, Zimbabwe, Greenland, and USA, ITALY. And the ILIANA model works for all.

The ILIANA model of transformation

1. PRECENCE: Continual development of presence on all levels is right at the heart of the ILIANA model. The lack or expansion of the ability of presence is a central aspect to all development whether it is Life coaching or professional healing. Closing of the senses, manipulation and holding of breath and the parallel tightening of small and bigger muscles are the main methods a person uses to control unwanted feelings and states. The result is that smaller or bigger parts of the personality gets isolated and the result is a feeling of isolation, hopelessness and despair.  hopelessness and despair. This is really an illusion, for no one is an island. The human family, like it or not, is deeply connected. Individuality is not isolation; it is an advanced stage in development. Presence is therefore the key to all positive change.

2. CREATIVITY: Change from the known comfort zone into unknown territory cannot be achieved without reawakening our inner creativity. New steps need new solutions. Our creativity is our birthright. Fear and conformity can create inner boarders that we need to cross to recapture this old helper and friend. Drawing, physical exercises, dream journeys, symbols, colors, emotions, dream work and association, are all tools we use in this process.

3. ETHICS: Most people enslave and torture parts of them selves. Acceptance and respect are central values that we need to awaken. Ethics are not just for how we behave towards others. Ethics and moral behavior towards your self is crucial if you wish for deep change and inner and outer heath. Perhaps you cannot love all parts of your personality, but you need to give these parts acceptance and respect.

4. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: Theories cannot change the world. It is the applications of the theory that does. To own your own process, you need to experience the change on a personal level, mentally, emotionally and physically.

5. WE ARE CO-CREATORS: We are born totally SELF-centered but without a personality to experience this state with. We all begin our life in a symbiotic state with our mother. The child has no borders, and everything inside the body and everything around the child blends together to our reality of our self. As we get older, we separate. We need this separation to experience free will and to choose our own path. The truth is that we are still deeply connected to the whole but at the same time we have choices. It is as if we slide back and forth on a scale between the feeling of having little will (victim) and a feeling of mastering it all (omnipotent) We need to figure out how we can combine our dependence with personal freedom. The more we understand how to play this piano, the easier it is to steer our ship though quiet and stormy waters.

6. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY: The physics know this to be true”. In our work we use an energy model that includes the personal energy field and the energy anatomy of the human being. The ILIANA model uses aura, chakra and different types of energy work as tools in transformational work.

7. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Our personality is created as a consequence of the meeting points between SELF and the world. “No-form” meets “form” through the physical senses in the physical body. The experience is interpreted and a conclusion is made. This conclusion forms a belief structure, which gives directions for our actions. As we evolve, we expand our understanding of the world and our actions and behavior in the world also changes. But some conclusions are hard to change. It is as if they are frozen in time. We call these energy structures for blockages. Our personal auras consist of energy structures and blockages in many stages. Some are more functional than others. The energy field is interconnected, and every change is felt by the whole. Everything can change with new insight. We use energy work and meditation in the transformational work of the personality.

8. SPIRITUALITY: We are asleep most of the time. Now is the time to wake up! SELF is our inner state of existence. But as the sun can disappear behind the clouds, likewise can SELF disappear out of our sight. We identify ourselves with the actions of the personality as if we identify with the house and have forgotten who built it. When the personality structures get more flexible, then the builder reappears. Awakening is the consequence of personal work. Spiritual development builds on this foundation. Only when SELF takes over, can we consciously build the new structures in the aura that pave the way for our own inner rebirth!

9. SEPARATING ACTION AND INTENT: Acknowledging the difference between SELF and the structures in the personality is just as important as the understanding of the importance of acknowledging the separation between our actions and our intent. We can over time bring our actions into balance with our intents. You are the thinker but not your thoughts. Your conclusions can change as you see yourself, others and the world with clearer eyes!

10. INNER AND OUTER COOPERATION:The major principle in the world is cooperation. Even in your body, dis-ease is never the majority, or you would not be alive. There is more peace than war. And everything tries to come back into order. This is the strongest energy in the universe. When cooperation is you intent; you are on the winning team!

ILIANA Life Coach

5 SELF development workshops - 9 professional workshops.
Practice and group work - Oral and written exams.
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ILIANA Energy Work and health related professional healing

5 SELF development workshops - 9 professional workshops.
Practice and group work - Oral and written exams.
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